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with Jobwizard you can create an appealing job ad free of charge, quickly and easily. After filling in the form fields, you can save a standalone HTML page locally. All elements like images or CSS is embedded in the job ad. You can submit the job ad to the job board of your choice for publication.

You can save and manage your job ads if you register in the Jobwizard. After free registration, job advertisements can be saved persistently.

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Job Wizard


currently under development. But the following is already working

  • Login, register and everything related to authentication (Strapi)
  • Entering a job ad (Thanks to Quasar)
  • Saving the job ads (Thanks to Strapi)
  • Download of a job ad with Google Jobs Markup.
  • Create a job which can be used by Google Jobs
  • Integrate jobs in using a widget
  • nice mail (Thanks to MJML)
  • Choose Channels. Post you Job on Google Jobs.
  • Integration of Google Places API
  • Configure colors and layout
  • Dark mode. Settings of the client are taken into account
  • Create organisations.


There is Google Jobs. A great service that makes job ads findable via Google. But there is no entry tool for ads. We want to close this gap.

  • integrate
  • create templates for job postings
  • Invite Coworkers
  • Statistics
  • join a newsletter
  • more documentation