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With the Jobboard Widget you can integrate the Jobwizard into your own homepage. All you have to do is load a Javascript and set an HTML tag. The widget loads job ads via the Yawik API and renders a table.


<link rel="stylesheet" href=""/>
<script src=""></script>
<yawik-job-list remote=""></yawik-job-list>

If you insert the HTML snippet into your HTML page, you will see the job list that you find in the jobwizard jobboard.

Available attributes

Attribute Description
remote URL to the yawik jobwizard backend. e.g. https://api/
count Amount of jobs displayed at once.
widget-title Headline displayed above the jobs (default: YAWIK Job List)
org ID of an organization. If given, only jobs from this organization are displayed
job-on-click default: “_blank”
hide-logo default: “false. Hide logo of a company.